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Education plays such an integral role in the development of all aspiring traders and at Invast we believe in providing a wide range of live in-house training sessions, allowing you to learn from real traders with a depth of experience across a variety of markets.

In order to take your trading to the next level and Trade Up with Invast, we'd highly encourage you to attend the selection of live seminars listed below, all designed to assist you in becoming a more confident trader.

Our seminar room is located in the Gateway Tower in Circular Quay and is one of the most amazing views of the Sydney Harbour from level 37. The image above is the view from the seminar room.

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Peter Mathers


27th November

6:30pm - 9pm

Trend trading with the TradingLevels®

With a wealth of experience, Peter Mathers understands the troubles that all traders can face at times – the lack of both risk management and a trading plan.


With this in mind, Peter presents a successful Trading Strategy incorporating the TradingLevels to help resolve some of the pitfalls new traders face. For example, by introducing the right essential elements of entry, stops and targets, the TradingLevels can automatically give the inexperienced trader clearer direction.


Traders will take away from this session an innovative approach that they can effectively apply to end-of-day trading for shares and CFDs.

Key points to note:

  • TradingLevels® is a sophisticated analysis and trading strategy developed by Peter Mathers through many years of research and experience in trading the markets.

  • It captures the essential psychological structure of the markets into a simple mathematical model using the Fibonacci series of numbers as price ratios.

  • Price Ratio – how far will a trend go? Learn the natural market ratio to set your profit targets.

  • The TradingLevels® are used for technical analysis and trading – that is for the trade set up and what price points to take profit.

About Peter Mathers​


Peter Mathers, Director, TradingLounge, has been trading since the 1980’s. He started his professional trading with Japanese futures companies Hoei & Shoin, who both mentored and taught   him Japanese analysis techniques. Practical experience of the Elliott Wave Theory followed with a firm specialising in futures trading both in Australia and the USA, which then led on to a role in London trading commodities, derivatives and securities with another international firm.


Back in Australia Peter continued to refine his skills and developed the TradingLevels® concept,   helping simplify the markets for all levels of traders, specialising in CFDs and applying those   techniques to thousands of traders around Australia. was developed by Peter to meet a growing demand for accessible, sensible education and his TradingLevels®-based analysis. Peter is author of Trading CFDs in Today's Markets   and numerous articles in the financial media. He is regularly asked for comment in the financial   media. In the last couple of years Peter has won a national technical analysis competition against 20 other analysts and the SunHerald Shares race!


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